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How to Dress in Business Life?

by EZCommerce 09 Jul 2022 0 Comments

How to dress at work Of course, it should not have a rule, but it should be close to the discipline, culture and communication perception of the institution it represents. The choice of clothing in business life may vary according to the sectors, the job performed, the position and the expectations of the institution. The important thing will be about which criteria will create positive selectivity in perception while making our choices.

Simplicity is the highest level of sophistication

“Simplicity is the highest level of sophistication.” der Leonardo da Vinci. Simplicity is sometimes also representative of elegance. Positive perception and expectation about clothing in business life, in general, are aimed at bringing together simplicity and elegance.

We hear it often in business life. There are many clothing styles such as Streetwear, Casual, Business Casual, Smart Casual, Business Informal, Black Tie / Semi Formal (streetwear, casual, comfortable business style, smart casual, business-classic and bow tie). As we mentioned above, there can be many factors that change the differences in clothing, however, in this article, we will share some generally accepted topics, talk about some styles that will make you feel better, and remind you that your appearance is an important criterion at work or in the field.

Let's not forget that choosing the right clothes makes you feel safe. In the workplace, there are no heavy procedures for choosing clothes. Efforts are being made to create a more comfortable working environment in the private sector. Because of this, the expectations of costumes have completely changed. Change and progress start with ourselves first. I can feel good even in an outfit that I can dress well in…

A new influx of clothing begins when IT Professionals working in the California Silicon Valley come to work with a denim-t-shirt, considering that the classic suit is challenging in terms of working conditions. In 1939, Smart Casual and Business Casual styles, which were far from comfortable, stylish and classical clothing styles, spread all over the world in a short time.

Oxford University has defined the Smart Casual dress code as: “Simple, traditional but relatively informal in a personal way.” In other words, it is stated to represent the comfort between daily life and work life. Y and Z Generations now prefer Smart Casual clothing style.

Although there is no specific definition in Business Casual, it represents professional elegance and comfort and may differ according to institutions. Top management generally prefers Business Casual clothing style.

How to Dress in Business Life?

  • Choosing clothes according to your size, the suitability of the colors of your clothes to your environment and your skin, and the use of accessories in your clothes are important. The most important issue is that the person should be able to define his body well.
  • We recommend you to choose navy blue, gray and non-shiny fabrics. If you are fair-skinned, you can choose pastel colors and light tones, and if you are dark-colored, you can choose dark-colored clothes.
  • Daily make-up should not be exaggerated, heavy perfume should not be used, it is important to look fresh.
  • Bags, belts, shoes, jewelry, watches, glasses, bracelets, scarves, scarves, gloves and pocket handkerchiefs suitable for the outfit are also important.
  • It is important that the clothing accessories are clean and that their color and size are combined with the outfit. Small and not conspicuously shiny accessories will look stylish.
  • Creative and investigative industries love diversity. Colorful clothes and assertive colors give a dynamic, energetic impression.
  • The new generation is familiar with the slimfit fashion. Wearing Slimfit represents naturalness, comfort and elegance. This style, which we will prefer in proportion to our size, can also be defined as the "self-confidence" style in business life. Clothes that are too big for our body and too loose for our body will not look stylish, but will create an insecure impression.
  • Especially the Y and Z generation men should pay attention to the use of blazer jackets and canvas trousers, while women should avoid decollete and flamboyant patterns.
  • In your wardrobe, you should have a blue and white shirt, women's black, burgundy and beige stiletto shoes. As much as possible, shorts, slippers, sandals, cork heels and worn products should not be used in the workplace.
  • Hair and hair accessories are also important. It is recommended that men should shave their beards and women should wear light make-up.